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City experiences – The excitement of the cities and towns of South Tyrol

The provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano & the health resort of Meran / Merano

When you stroll through the crooked lanes of the "Old Town" section of the provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano, you'll feel that you've traveled back in time. The Gothic arcades (called "Lauben" in German) are still a distinctive feature of the shopping area of the city. The west end includes the colorful fruit market. All around the Waltherplatz, with the monument to the medieval ballad-singer Walther von der Vogelweide, you can view the stately houses of prominent local citizens.

Noteworthy sights in Bozen / Bolzano & vicinity:

The "Old Town"

The Laubengasse is one of the most-visited streets of the city, with numerous elegant shops. And you can't miss the ornate building facades with their baroque stylistic elements and characteristic bay windows.

Fruit market in Bozen / Bolzano

The fruit market is located in the heart of the city. From Monday to Saturday, you'll find plenty of stands stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, and other traditional products. In the evenings, the local cafes and restaurants come alive, and both sides of the street become a true meeting place of cultures.

Ritten / Renon

In just twelve minutes, the gondolas of the Ritten / Renon aerial cableway will whisk you away from the provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano to the nearby town of Oberbozen / Soprabolzano. From there, you can undertake hikes or travel in comfort in the historic narrow-gauge train all the way to Klobenstein / Collalbo.

Vacationing in Meran / Merano

The stately Jugendstil "Kurhaus" (central spa facility) on the Passer Promenade is the trademark of Meran / Merano, and one of the most-beautiful multi-purpose buildings south of the Alps. Behind the Kurhaus, the small but charming "Old Town" is a playground for shoppers and strollers. The resort town's monuments standing in blossoming parks, crowded town squares, and busy streets give mute testimony to the town's great past. They remind passers-by of prominent figures of history: The great sons and daughters of the town, illustrious visitors, or even major historical personages.

Noteworthy sights in Meran / Merano & vicinity:

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff (most-beautiful garden of Italy)

A trip to the Gardens with their fantastic botanical life represents the absolute highpoint for all visitors to Meran / Merano.


A museum about tourists and locals, with bigger-than-life figures, mechanical stages, and life-like performances. Visitors are guided through two centuries of South Tyrolean tourism history – with a dash of irony.

Roundtrip hiking along the Meran / Merano High-Altitude Trail:

The Meran / Merano High-Altitude Trail is one of the most-famous alpine hiking trails in South Tyrol. It curves around the massive Texel Group (Texel Group Nature Park). The Meran / Merano High-Altitude Trail has a total length of 100 km, and will take you through the communities of Tirol / Tirolo, Kuens / Caines, Riffian / Rifiano, St. Martin in Passeier / St. Martino in Passiria, Moos in Passeier / Moso in Passiria, Schnals / Senales, Naturns / Naturno, Partschins / Parcines, and Algund / Lagundo.

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