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Vacationing in the South of South Tyrol

The South of South Tyrol – Vacationing in the heart of South Tyrol

Above all else, vacationing in the South of South Tyrol is a feast for the eyes. Picturesque vineyards, extensive apple tree orchards, beautiful bathing lakes – against the magical backdrop of the mountains. Mediterranean and alpine elements blend seamless to create an atmosphere of enchantment. Besides the familiar villages of Eppan / Appiano, Kaltern / Caldaro, and Tramin / Termeno along the South Tyrolean Wine Route, the idyllic hamlets are also worth visiting. The provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano is only a few kilometers away. Thus, the South of South Tyrol represents a wonderful symbiosis of urban environments, rustic landscapes, and awe-inspiring mountains.

In spring, this wonderful landscape is transformed into a white and pink sea of blossoms. The blossoming of the apple trees in South Tyrol takes place each year at a slightly different time, depending upon weather conditions, between late-March and early-May. The charm and fragrant odor of the burgeoning blossoms will enchant you.
In the summertime, the natural bathing lakes, the Montiggler Lakes, and Lake Kaltern / Lago di Caldaro, invite you to come and refresh yourself. On balmy summer evenings, you can attend numerous events – most of which are held outdoors.
The autumn is the harvest time and the season for Törggele. The forests are bursting with colors, while mild temperatures provide the perfect backdrop for cozy Törggele evenings. A vacation with a panoply of pleasures awaits you!
The winter is marked by more peace in the South of South Tyrol, not far from Bozen / Bolzano. The nearby ski areas of Rittner Horn, Reinswald, and Jochgrimm offer skiing fun far from the hustle and bustle of big, impersonal commercial operations – a fact which especially families appreciate.

Along the famed South Tyrolean Wine Route, you can become intimately acquainted with the fine wines of this region. More than 40 km long, it connects 16 South Tyrolean wine-growing communities and unites 85% of the total wine-growing acreage of South Tyrol. This is an especially fascinating area for wine-lovers who would like to explore the vineyards by foot, bicycle, or motorcar.

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